FFTW: More Sad Than Funny

May 28, 2010

Soooo I forgot it was Friday and it was my turn to update this thing.
I failed. Faildog…

And to add to the WTF’ness – This is pretty pathetic too.

“Ooooh I have a novel idea honey! Let’s update our Facebook statuses AT the alter!”

This is how you know it’s gotten out of hand.


General Fail #3: Dear Facebook I Loath Your Change

April 8, 2010

On a side note: Facebook Watchdog doesn’t necessarily care about the physical interface changes.

Except for January 2010, the last few changes were visually and functionally sound. This most recent change is not functional, limits your access to information, and at the very least looks like crap and gives you a visually induced headache. Facebook Watchdog didn’t bother to worry or complain about all the prior years of visual changes made to Facebook but in 2010, Facebook Watchdog officially takes a stance against the new interface. Facebook took their years of perfect aesthetics and functionality and threw it out with the trash. Most importantly, they removed a chunk of the user’s ability to search through and control their information. To date, the 2010 change was by far the worst thing Facebook could’ve physically done.