Share: Facebook Get’s Called Out Everywhere – Except Here …

June 29, 2010

German, British and Canadian Governments are monitoring Facebook’s assault of the general definition of privacy. Meanwhile the shameless free market fundamentalists who’ve wormed themselves into the American Government, in great numbers, are giving “favors” and trading players…

BERLIN, AP – Facebook still isn’t doing enough to protect users’ data, Germany’s consumer protection minister said Thursday, adding that she plans to give up her account.

The minister, Ilse Aigner, first raised concerns about Facebook two months ago, urging the network to upgrade its privacy settings.

Last week, in response to a backlash among users, Facebook announced that it was simplifying its privacy controls and applying them retroactively, so users can protect the status updates and photos they posted in the past.

Those changes were “a first step in the right direction, but I still have my doubts as to whether these improvements will really bring a true turning point,” Aigner said after meeting Richard Allan, Facebook’s director of European public policy.

Aigner said the meeting “unfortunately confirmed my skepticism.”

She said she plans to leave the network, but will remain in contact with Facebook managers and “will not rest until data protection is improved decisively.”

The changes so far aren’t enough “to protect the privacy of users and to comply with our German law, which has higher standards than elsewhere in the world and America,” Aigner added.

She complained that the network’s data protection system remains too complicated and geared toward opting out of sharing information rather than opting in.

Aigner has also harshly criticized Google Inc. for failing to respect German data protection regulations through its Street View mapping program.


Interact: Write Senator Schumer

April 26, 2010

We’re sort of on hiatus this week since work is nuts now but, what we have done is devised another assignment for you this week. A more awesome assignment.

We’ve written a form email for you to send on over to Senator Schumer. Mr. Schumer might go to bat for us in Facebook’s recent infringement. All you have to do is copy, click this link, paste the email and fricken’ click submit!

You’d be surprised how much more effective writing a Politco is than standing out in front of a corporation screaming about something completely different from the other dude screaming next to you… protesters are less effective. Write a fucking letter. Write our fucking letter!

Could not be easier – so GET TO IT! EMAIL HIM RIGHT NOW!

“Senator Schumer –

Unethical business practices run rampant in the USA everyday undermining what our democracy could be.

Facebook is absolutely no exception and so I ask you to ignore their requests to “sit and talk.” They’re determined to change the definition of personal privacy for everyone, even those who don’t use Facebook, without sitting down and talking to us about it. Facebook hasn’t offered us, users and non-users alike, a fair platform to honestly negotiate. The company is so despicable they’re ready to take their shady practices to the legal platform, charging the US Tax Payer a cost in legalities just to derive a simple and ethical outcome. Something they’re fully capable of doing, but refuse to do.

Facebook has already spent the Canadian and UK Tax Payer’s money. Please don’t let them spend anymore of ours than need be.

A company that cannot implement its own fair ethics and fair business practices is a danger to overall democracy. Facebook is a hindrance to democracy. Please send Facebook, and all corporate/totalitarian regimes/companies, a message by ignoring their call for arbitration. Someone needs to put their foot down and humble these white-collar criminals.

Also – there has been started a collection of privacy issues online at .

Thank You –
Taxpayer [insert your name]  ”