Privacy Fail: Forced & Unwanted Friend Requests

June 17, 2010

Who doesn’t get friend requests from weirdos? I know I do. I tend to ignore them when Facebook respects my wish enough to give me that right to ignore them. There’ve been a few times though that Facebook has been like, “Oh you can’t ignore them. Sorry but no.”

Honestly. The thing with the Pedro… Pablo… whatever – dude is, I think the request got hung up in a server process. Somehow the server, instead of quantifying my input to ignore and block this person, just forgot wtf it was supposed to do and shuffled ol’ Pablo whatever off into the la-la land of the “Hanging Process.”


General Fail # 7: Tick Tock Tick Tock… Has It Loaded Yet?

May 20, 2010

On the topic of functionality today. Someone asked us earlier this week, why does it take so long to load certain items off the applications menu? We don’t know but we do agree. That shit is sloooow!

General Fail #4: “Hey! We’re Facebook! We Want More Users Even Though We Aren’t Able To Handle It!”

April 14, 2010

What company asks for more of what it can’t handle? Facebook!

As the years have progressed Facebook has become the next Friendster and MySpace in user inefficiency. I must personally say that I actually had some semblance of hope, even though Facebook decided to open its network to massive growth years back. I had a dream that maybe the company had some sort of real plan to handle the growth with every step of the way. A hundred-million shit-ass bugs later… and I know I was being too idealistic. Here’s the company’s business plan – following in the steps of all the other failures: Step 1 Facebook got greedy Step 666 Facebook is “trying to get smart.”

Oh noe’s is this a complaint due to a server overload?! Or maybe it’s maintenance?

[Dear Facebook]

I’m having connection issues and it’s not on my end. The news feed page just spins and doesn’t load. Then I tried to use the Help section and that just sits too. Eventually I get:

“Safari can’t open the page because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, and then try again.”

And this happens on both of my browsers at least once a week for the last couple months. it’s like you are constantly having intermittent outages. Last time I traced it, it was your end. Not sure this time but I’m willing to make a bet.

With that sort of outage record, it’s definitely no maintenance issue. So much for a “visionary, young and hip company” that makes it’s own path. Facebook’s just following in the footsteps of other baby boomer driven failures. Fix your company Mark! Quit trusting the old bastards who think the internet is still a series of tubes.