Privacy Fail: Forced & Unwanted Friend Requests

June 17, 2010

Who doesn’t get friend requests from weirdos? I know I do. I tend to ignore them when Facebook respects my wish enough to give me that right to ignore them. There’ve been a few times though that Facebook has been like, “Oh you can’t ignore them. Sorry but no.”

Honestly. The thing with the Pedro… Pablo… whatever – dude is, I think the request got hung up in a server process. Somehow the server, instead of quantifying my input to ignore and block this person, just forgot wtf it was supposed to do and shuffled ol’ Pablo whatever off into the la-la land of the “Hanging Process.”


Flash Hell: Facebook the Memory Hog

March 31, 2010

It’s not all that weird to come across Facebook stealing CPU and Virtual Memory like it’s an aggressive cancer that wont give up.

It’s mostly due to all that flash and, depending on the time of the month/year, if they’ve updated some element in the interface. Then it’s flash + poor coding that can cause this hogging behavior. That’s not to say browsers couldn’t be designed better, ahem.

Anyway – when you run into the slow browser check your processes. There’s a big chance Facebook is at the root of the problem. The only fix is to restart your browser. Yes FBWatchdog is and has always been one of those, “Flash is the bane of the internet” types. Why? Because it’s true.