App Fail: Group Chat

July 13, 2010

“Hey you! Be in my group! Now you’re in my group you can see how bad ass of a group mod I am! I even added a group chat to our little Facebook Community!”

You gotta love the vigilance of Facebook Group/Page recruiters and moderators but there’s more to love than this human species… or even internet bot species. There are the applications that are meant to enhance these communities. One for example, an application named “Group Chat” which offers a chat forum but also seems to spam the shit out of your friends list that it’s not supposed to have any access, what-so-ever, too. For example …

None of these people were in the group this app had been added to.

It sent out many notifications. These two screen shots are just two examples out of a dozen.

And it doesn’t look like Facebook did anything to discipline the app makers – as the app is still around even after a year of complaints.

The End.


FFTW: Good Ol’ Tracy Turkish

June 26, 2010

Thank you Tracy. This thing has made it’s way around teh interwebs over the last year. We can’t think of anything more hilarious or epic really to post for a “Friday For The Win” post. Enter the LOVE CAVE! Please enjoy your ride of shame…

FFTW: More Sad Than Funny

May 28, 2010

Soooo I forgot it was Friday and it was my turn to update this thing.
I failed. Faildog…

And to add to the WTF’ness – This is pretty pathetic too.

“Ooooh I have a novel idea honey! Let’s update our Facebook statuses AT the alter!”

This is how you know it’s gotten out of hand.

General Fail # 7: Tick Tock Tick Tock… Has It Loaded Yet?

May 20, 2010

On the topic of functionality today. Someone asked us earlier this week, why does it take so long to load certain items off the applications menu? We don’t know but we do agree. That shit is sloooow!

Interact: Write Senator Schumer

April 26, 2010

We’re sort of on hiatus this week since work is nuts now but, what we have done is devised another assignment for you this week. A more awesome assignment.

We’ve written a form email for you to send on over to Senator Schumer. Mr. Schumer might go to bat for us in Facebook’s recent infringement. All you have to do is copy, click this link, paste the email and fricken’ click submit!

You’d be surprised how much more effective writing a Politco is than standing out in front of a corporation screaming about something completely different from the other dude screaming next to you… protesters are less effective. Write a fucking letter. Write our fucking letter!

Could not be easier – so GET TO IT! EMAIL HIM RIGHT NOW!

“Senator Schumer –

Unethical business practices run rampant in the USA everyday undermining what our democracy could be.

Facebook is absolutely no exception and so I ask you to ignore their requests to “sit and talk.” They’re determined to change the definition of personal privacy for everyone, even those who don’t use Facebook, without sitting down and talking to us about it. Facebook hasn’t offered us, users and non-users alike, a fair platform to honestly negotiate. The company is so despicable they’re ready to take their shady practices to the legal platform, charging the US Tax Payer a cost in legalities just to derive a simple and ethical outcome. Something they’re fully capable of doing, but refuse to do.

Facebook has already spent the Canadian and UK Tax Payer’s money. Please don’t let them spend anymore of ours than need be.

A company that cannot implement its own fair ethics and fair business practices is a danger to overall democracy. Facebook is a hindrance to democracy. Please send Facebook, and all corporate/totalitarian regimes/companies, a message by ignoring their call for arbitration. Someone needs to put their foot down and humble these white-collar criminals.

Also – there has been started a collection of privacy issues online at .

Thank You –
Taxpayer [insert your name]  ”

Share: You Belong (to them) Indefinitely

April 23, 2010

That’s right – no hilarious Friday post because this week was a marked black shroud for personal privacy everywhere.

In fact we’re going to just add one more Consumerist post to our collection because it should be shared.

In the words of Dr. Lexus from Idiocracy, “… shits all retarded.”
Enjoy your weekend…