Failed to hide minifeed story #3

April 6, 2010

Back by popular search ranking – another “Failed to hide minifeed story” post.

This has to be one of the biggest bullshit issues plaguing Facebook users. You can’t post anything now without worrying, “Will I even be able to delete it later on?” And you can complain all you want to Facebook but they are unresponsive and don’t fix the issue. There’s something seriously wrong with the fact that this sort of issue has existed for such a long time. It would be nice to have a company like Facebook act on the user’s behalf for once, and not having to waste national money on enacting laws just to force a corporation to act right.

Fix it Facebook before the FTC and other countries regulatory boards spend our money to make you behave. Quit wasting our time and money and just do what is right for once.

Happy Posting!!!


Privacy Fail: The Gaping Hole

April 5, 2010

In the spirit of privacy issues, Facebook chat is a gaping hole within Facebook’s “secure” network.

[Dear Facebook, Inc.]

Topic: Limited Profile Person Showing Up In My Chat

I have a person in two groups. 1. Limited Profile and 2. High School. This person cannot see my profile the way an unlimited profile group can but they can still chat me even though the “Limited Profile” chat is closed. Is this a glitch that they can see me via another group on the chat panel or not? If not you (Facebook) need to make it so I can hide individuals from chat rather than via whole groups. Groups just organize individuals into mental associations and since Facebook disabled years of associative data in the last year, groups have become very necessary tools of association even more so. This is not cool this person can see me in the chat panel and I don’t want to see them. In the screen shot you can see a person named Kris – this is what I do not want to see at all.

NOTE: The person who submitted this issue has told me it’s been at least 4-months and Facebook has never responded to, or fixed the issue.

Happy Facebooking!