App Fail: Group Chat

July 13, 2010

“Hey you! Be in my group! Now you’re in my group you can see how bad ass of a group mod I am! I even added a group chat to our little Facebook Community!”

You gotta love the vigilance of Facebook Group/Page recruiters and moderators but there’s more to love than this human species… or even internet bot species. There are the applications that are meant to enhance these communities. One for example, an application named “Group Chat” which offers a chat forum but also seems to spam the shit out of your friends list that it’s not supposed to have any access, what-so-ever, too. For example …

None of these people were in the group this app had been added to.

It sent out many notifications. These two screen shots are just two examples out of a dozen.

And it doesn’t look like Facebook did anything to discipline the app makers – as the app is still around even after a year of complaints.

The End.


General Fail # 7: Tick Tock Tick Tock… Has It Loaded Yet?

May 20, 2010

On the topic of functionality today. Someone asked us earlier this week, why does it take so long to load certain items off the applications menu? We don’t know but we do agree. That shit is sloooow!

Fedbook: Ghosts From the Past

May 17, 2010

Can you remember back two-years? How about two-years ago on Facebook? Ugh has it been that long?

Two years ago was the beginning of the end, or at the very least it was the moment where the users of Facebook began to realize something wasn’t right with Facebook Inc.

In light of this fact, we’re posting a submitter’s frustrated letter about some shitass third-party application:

Facebook “Choice Makers”-

The news describes the malicious behavior of “Secret Crush” *which is what ended up compromising my browser that day on the I to wrote you.

Here is my question Facebook … Are you selling us out to these “third party” operators? Is this why your initial and second reply indicate less concern for my “Facebook experience” than I’ve seen in the past?

I don’t know why, but I really hope “Mark’s company” and all it’s practices do decide to adopt a more ethical defensive mindset than the usual sell out … like MySpace did.

My guess is, in this era; I’m probably being too optimistic and should have no reservations, as it appears FB does not either? This is rhetorical.

Thanks for caring.

This application may still be up in the Facebook apps, we looked and saw something with the app name there… it could also be some moron who made a new one because it doesn’t seem to have a lot of users.

Enjoy the past irony and happy Facebooking!

Applications Fail: Who the F*** is PEEPING You!?!?

March 30, 2010

Today I think is a good day to get back to submissions. From time to time I’ll post consumer rights related stories and such, but the main point of the Facebook Watchdog group is to publish people’s direct frustrations with Facebook. Preferably frustrations related to their personal information being mismanaged. Frustrations like Sally Facebookuser’s down below:

My friend was able to post something from this “Who is peeping at my profile?” app to my wall that already has 366 comments and 163 “likes” from people I don’t even know. First I haven’t looked at that person’s profile in a very long time so the “Rank #2” is fake and second this shitty app shouldn’t have access to my wall without at least asking, if it can post to my wall first. This is a violation of profile etiquette and personal privacy and I’m expecting Facebook to tell the developers of “Who is peeping at my profile?” that. I know Facebook wont but it would be nice if they regulated their abusive apps from time to time.

Sally has a point. There are tons of abusive applications that people report on which never get regulated through Facebook. Take Farmville for instance. Zynga runs a very aggressively abusive application on Facebook and they’re still there. Users sometimes aren’t even given the option to complain to Facebook about it, or Facebook makes complaining about the application very difficult to report on. Never-the-less, TODAY we have to give Facebook some credit because I just did an app search for this “Who is peeping at my Profile?” application, and it seems to be gone from their database. They did respond to users complaints on this bad application.

Now if only someone would start a Zynga Watchdog group.