Relevant Links

  1. Sick Facebook: Blog
  2. The Consumerist: is watching out for you.
  4. MoveOn: Sign the Privacy Petition
  5. EFF: How to “opt out” of Instant Personalization

2 Responses to Relevant Links

  1. Ellie K. says:

    Hi Facebook Watchdog Blog,
    Just an fyi, you may have a broken link on this page. I tried going to your first link, at
    It didn’t work. However, when I went to the site directly, I got it to load by leaving off the www
    So you might want to try revising the link above to

    Thank you for your blog. You do a good job. I put you on my blogroll, as privacy issues are much more on my mind that I expected, and have kind of taken over in my perceived level of importance.

  2. fbwatchdog says:

    Awe thank you! It’s good to have people out there looking out for. Thanks Ellie K.

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