Failed to hide minifeed story #3

April 6, 2010

Back by popular search ranking – another “Failed to hide minifeed story” post.

This has to be one of the biggest bullshit issues plaguing Facebook users. You can’t post anything now without worrying, “Will I even be able to delete it later on?” And you can complain all you want to Facebook but they are unresponsive and don’t fix the issue. There’s something seriously wrong with the fact that this sort of issue has existed for such a long time. It would be nice to have a company like Facebook act on the user’s behalf for once, and not having to waste national money on enacting laws just to force a corporation to act right.

Fix it Facebook before the FTC and other countries regulatory boards spend our money to make you behave. Quit wasting our time and money and just do what is right for once.

Happy Posting!!!

Failed to hide minifeed story #2

March 21, 2010

Another example, among many, where I am not able to control my own personal information using Facebook.

Update: In total, it took 10 trials to remove the story from the feed. It still gave me the failure error so it may reappear.

Failed to hide minifeed story #1

March 21, 2010

This is just one of my many attempts to remove a story from my feed where Facebook’s interface refuses to fulfill the “Remove” command.
And apparently Facebook as a company refuses to properly deal with this issue too because they address the issue in their FAQ’s with a very stupid suggestion to “fix it.”

They suggest refreshing your page. How is that supposed to work when you’re 5-years back, at the beginning of your feed? Yea let me just spend another 15-minutes clicking the “Older Posts” button at the bottom of the page only to end up in the same situation I was in before.

I have written the company with this same issue on countless occasions but have never been directly addressed or answered.

Anyway – to conserve storage so I can add more pictures I’ve saved this as low resolution. If you click on the picture itself you’ll get a larger and better view of the “Failed to hide” issue.